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Buy Relays and Connectors online such as Solid State Relays, PhotoMOS, Automotive connectors and many more.

Relays are electronically operated switches. It has two states, either on or off. Traditionally, the switch can be controlled by introducing a low-power voltage across its connectors, allowing a usually larger voltage to flow through the relay. Relays come in different states, open by default - allowing current to flow through only when a signal voltage is passed, or closed by default - where the higher voltage current will pass through the relay until a signal voltage is introduced. 

Relays can be found in elevators, fans and air conditioners. With the advent of semiconductors, solid-state relays are commonplace now.

Connectors are basically terminals that allow two electrical components to connect to each other - Usually a wire to a circuit board. The connection is removable which allows for maintainability. Connectors can usually be classified by their gender - Male or Female.

Male connectors attach to a Female connector which closes a circuit, allowing current to flow through two physically separated components. Connectors are found in computers and many other electronics.

We supply Relays and Connectors from Panasonic for world-class performance and reliability.

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